Sunday, 18 December 2011


This blog that Ive found is full of interesting and random items, just incredible, check it out.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bruno Mars

Continuing to develop ideas we have now decided on a style for our campaign, which has been heavily inspired by Erika Simmons, I haven't been able to upload our designs onto here yet, but you will see a similarity to Simmons work in our poster designs. I have uploaded this music video of Bruno Mars - Just the way you are, as it contains a moving motion images of cassette tape art, which could be a idea for if we decide to design a projection film for Alight. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Erika Simmons

While developing on my current Uni project 'Alight' I came across Erika Simmons who is an imaginative painter and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique and innovative styles that focuses on recycling found materials, such as old cassettes and used books. One of her most famous and popular items of art are from the series ' Ghost in the machine'. The following images are simply amazing..

Simmons achieves these simple designs though cutting up and re arranging pieces and items of everyday life, when asked about where her ideas come from she mentions the philosopher Gilbert Ryle, who describes how your spirt lives in your body. I love the quote Simmons gave ' I Imagine we are like cassettes - thoughts wrapped up in awkward packages'. Some of Simmons other work is just simply beautiful I love the way she uses music note sheets into art, i have found this website that takes you through step by step on how Simmons produced this style.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Examples of Advertising..

While in London, I took some examples of different ways and techniques to advertise..

While walking around London there were also many posters for the 2012 olympic games..

Friday, 25 November 2011

London Town ♥

Our London trip was amazing, on the first night we went out to a few bars in Soho, bit of shock when we found out a double was 10 quid, jeezeeeee, but we still had a excellent night. The next day we got split into two groups and went to different agencies that Mel had set up, The first one me Zara went to was Rapier, I was so excited. It took us a while to find their office, but once we were in it was crazy, they had a nice slick and cool space that they worked in. It seemed homely, they had a kitchen area where we could just help ourselves to drinks, they were very friendly. We got given a small brief that we had to go away an work on, It was one of their real life briefs for their new account RAC. We sat in pizza hut for about 4 hours no joke, just trying to crack on with some ideas, it was all rather rushed but exciting. We knew that Rapier wouldn't like all of our quick ideas but we hoped they would give us good critical feedback, which is exactly what we got. The y were so helpful in telling and showing us what they were looking for in new designers. They said that all we need to do was be able to show our ideas for campaigns in one sentence with a series of simple black markered ideas. It was scary presenting our ideas to top blokes at one of the most respected agencies but it was helpful in so many ways. Its made us more excited and focused on what we want. The advice they gave us was to never give up, they said we wouldn't be handed a job on a plate but that we had to work hard and get driven for it. It was good to also casually talk to previous Sheffield Hallam students who now worked for Rapier, I felt they were very inspiring.

The next day we all had a guest talk at the design group Inferno, where Paul spoke to us about how he got into the agency, projects they were working on, information about the young creatives council. He was such a cool guy, very laid back and chilled out about everything. He showed us some of infernos campaigns one of my favourites was their work for Kiss Fm.

Paul also mentioned about the Young Creative Council, which Inferno work very closely with and informed us on how we could be involved in it too, most of us had never heard of them before but now I 
regularly have a peek on their website. Its nice to just see what other designers from all over are creating. Every couple of days people upload their pieces of work for others to see, some pieces are truly beautiful.

He also spoke about there campaign work with Nokia, he showed us the tv advert they had produced for the new Nokia Lumia phone.The amazing everyday Campaign was developed by Infernos executive creative director Al Young and was filmed by director Jeff Thomas. Young and Thomas trawled through thousands of YouTube clips and became astonished by how people make the most of their individuality. Thomas shot the advert over four days in LA with 20 scenes making it into the final cut. When asked about their ad campaign Thomas and Jeff said “We blurred the line between fiction and reality,” Al Young agrees, “but we could never lose touch with the humanity. The humanity of amazing everyday experiences is essential, because we we wanted to get across that this phone, the Nokia Lumia, can turn your life into an adventure.” Take a look at it..

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Actually so excited for tomorrow, i cant wait to get involved in some amazing agencies, also the shopping is calling my name too. Im most excited to go and visit Rapier as they are the UK's fastest growing design agency. They have also just won the £7 million account with RAC and the £6 Million account for Travelodge. How amazing!